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This estimate is based on the basic information that you have provided. Every installation is unique, therefore all installation estimates are subject to an onsite meeting to formalise your quotation.

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Addtional 30% Shell Discount Available!

A 30% reduction in the cost of your swimming pool shell is available in our econo-range option.
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The price above is for installations within 45km from our factory. Your install address is outside of that area and would, therefore, carry an additional fee.

Kindly note that we are based in Pretoria and it will be much cheaper if you find a local knowledgable, reliable and trustworthy contractor to attend to the installation.  Should this not suit you, or you cannot find a skilled contractor, please let us know and we can forward you a quotation for the installation at your address.

The DYI kit for this pool costs RSlug not provided with delivery to your address costing RSlug not provided

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or need information.  You are also most welcome (should you find yourself in Pretoria), on prior arrangement, to pop into our factory to inspect the quality of our fibreglass swimming pool shells.  A swimming pool is a long term investment.  We are sure you would like to make an informed decision.

We are obliged to advise that we can offer you a 30% discount on an Econo shell (the shell only).  Please call us for more information.

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Quote Includes

  • Shell fitted with screenprint mosaics, weir, light & 2 aimflows.
  • Filter box with filter, pump, plumbing kit, suitable DB board.
  • All piping, fittings & glue required with up to 2 meters backwash pipe.
  • Filter sand.
  • Excavation by hand in soft soil (2 days allowed) and installation.
  • Coping
  • Paving, two rows around pool, forming a 1 meter paved area.
  • Power connection by QP, supply from mains to filter box by yourself.

Shell guaranteed for 10 years against leaks

Excluded in quote

  • Soil removal. (We move it from the digging area to the closest spot arranged with client).
  • Hidden/Unknown cost removing boulders by jack hammer, charged at cost only.

Payment Terms

  • 50% Deposit.
  • 40% on installation of shell.
  • 10% after completion of paving.


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